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Art Attack

Melton Foster Care and Headspace Sunshine have collaborated to deliver ‘Art Attack’- a creative and therapeutic program for young people in Out of Home Care.

The program was developed to join children and young people together and provide a safe environment to share their experiences.

Now in its 3rd session, the art program has 10 young people aged between 7 and 17 participating.

Sally Gilbert, who co-ordinates the project, detailed the positives that have come from Art Attack.


“The focus is on mental health, wellness and self awareness. The participants are currently developing a (huge!) canvas filled with affirmations, positive images and colour, which will be displayed at MFC's office once completed. They are also making "Feel Good Books", which are scrap books to assist participants to reflect on what makes them feel good socially, mentally and physically. The idea is once the program is completed, the participants will be able to continue to add to their books over time, and use them when they are feeling down.”


Sally underscored the importance of addressing youth mental health: “the program was developed because we felt it was important to start reducing stigma around mental health early and before intervention is required.”

“The program gives children and young people language to describe what they feel, and has a real focus on ownership of feelings.”




Westcare's Chaplain, Rob, gets involved in Art Attack


A piece of artwork produced by all of the young people