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Westcare is committed to working together with the northern and western region of Melbourne to provide a continuum of flexible and responsive services to children, young people and their families within The Salvation Army Mission Values.


Who can have a say?

If you are a child, young person or a family member of a child or young person who is with a program at Westcare, then you are invited and encouraged to have a say. Staff feedback is also encouraged.

Do you have a suggestion?

You might have thought about how things could work differently in your program; things like how you met your worker for the first time; or where meetings are held with you; or how a space or your residence needs to be different. It may also be something you have seen in other programs, on TV, the internet or in a publication.

Do you have a concern about something that Westcare does?

Whilst every effort is made to ensure services best respond to the needs of children, young people and their families, there might be something that has happened that you are not happy about. If you have tried talking to your worker and are still concerned, we need to hear your point of view.

Do you want to say something good or bad about Westcare?

Our aim is to provide the best service we can, and its nice to know when we do! To help us get it right, however, we need to know what is working for you and the things we can do to help.

When can I have a say?

Anytime! Children, young people and their families are always welcome to give us feedback on how we are going and to recommend changes which you think will improve things.

We also want to know about the things that worked well!

When you finish up with your program, you will be asked to give some feedback on how you found your program.

What can I complain about?

Feedback and complaints are taken very seriously by Westcare. You should always try discussing your concern with your Case Worker, Carer, Resident Services Worker, or program first.

You can complain about a program if:

  • The program doesn’t comply with laws or guidelines
  • Doesn’t meet the standards of care or is deemed to be unsafe
  • If you believe the actions of someone in the program have impacted badly on you or your child.

How can I make a suggestion, comment or complaint?

We would always suggest that you tell the person within the program that works with you first. We also understand that this is not always possible for many reasons.

You might want to pick someone else in Westcare to talk to discuss your concerns, comments or suggestions. We would encourage you to speak to our General Manager at Westcare who will take the time to hear the issues, concerns or suggestions that you have about the service, and discuss with you how this information will be addressed.

How to Contact Us

There are various ways in which you can provide us with your feedback. You may wish to write a letter, mail it to us or hand it in to Westcare’s Front Reception in an envelope marked Children, Young People & Family Feedback Form. Reception staff will ensure this is confidential and placed in a Suggestion Box only to be opened by Westcare’s General Manager.

Otherwise, feedback and enquiries can be made via email. For feedback (complaints, compliments or concerns) regarding our services, please email our General Manager via Peter.Mulholland@aus.salvationarmy.org 

For general enquiries or information, please email Westcare.Info@aus.salvationarmy.org


What will happen to my information?

All feedback that we receive is important to us. Information kept by us is kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy which respects the confidentiality of your personal information.

Once we receive your feedback, we will make a record of it so that we are able to identify patterns or themes within the agency. Depending on what you have to say, we might also make a time to discuss it further with you. Every effort will be made to hear your point of view and to keep you informed.

Please email your feedback to our General Manager via Peter.Mulholland@aus.salvationarmy.org or phone Westcare on (03) 9312 3544, or you can fill out a Westcare Feedback Form.

For general enquiries and information, please email Westcare.Info@aus.salvationarmy.org

Provide your feedback by email to our General Manager via Peter.Mulholland@
aus.salvationarmy.org or you can phone Westcare on (03) 9312 3544.

You can also provide your feedback online by filling out a Westcare Feedback Form.

For general information and enquiries, please email Westcare.Info@