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Program MaC/Young Families Connected

Program MaC provides medium term accommodation for young women aged 16 to 25, who have children, or are in their last trimester of pregnancy.  Young Families Connected also provides this support, however to young couples aged 16 to 25 who have children, or are in their last trimester of pregnancy.

These programs aim to assist service users who have few supports, limited experience in parenting and limited or no experience in living independently.

Service users and caseworkers develop case-plans that are individually designed to meet the needs of service users.  These plans can be added to and changed overtime and can cover all areas including housing, parenting, income, employment, education, health & wellbeing, legal issues, significant relationships and social networks.

Program MaC accommodation

A child assessment will also be carried out and appropriate referrals made.

These programs aim to foster a confident approach to all areas and develop skills that enhance self-esteem and independence.

Service users are encouraged to link into community programmes and build their own support and resources.

There is also an outreach component to these programs for service users who have not been accommodated within our agency.

Support can include: 

  • Parenting skill development
  • Assistance to find safe and affordable housing
  • Assistance with household establishment
  • Pregnancy support
  • Support while attending appointments
  • Advocacy
  • Case management and coordination
  • Childcare through our registered childcare facility (more information on Karinya Occasional Childcare)
  • Information and education in child development
  • Transport
  • Living skills – budgeting, cooking etc.
  • Assistance with personal development
  • Involvement in groups

 Program MaC/Young Families Connected Office

602 Macarthur Street, Soldier's Hill

 These programs are funded through State Government (through HSS - Homelessness Supports Services) and by The Salvation Army

Referrals are made via Uniting Care Opening Doors  Ph:  1800 825 955  (see Web Site)