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About Us

We Are

The Salvation Army EastCare provides a broad range of services to marginalised and disadvantaged clients located within the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

EastCare has been operating since 1995 and has built up strong relationships across the welfare field, a high level of credibility in the community and an extensive skill base and knowledge in dealing with individuals and families with multiple and complex needs.

EastCare has a multi-disciplinary team with staff who have a range of expertise including Housing and Homelessness, Case Management, Psychiatric Nursing, Family Therapy, Psychology, Youth Residential Care, Educational and Recreational, Case Management and Social Work.

Our Mission

Delivering quality options to people in the Eastern Metropolitan Region through creative and responsive service provision. We achieve this by working with, supporting and advocating for:

  • People who are homeless, or at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing stress
  • Children, young people and families within the Department of Human Services Placement and Support Program area
  • Adults and young people with problematic substance abuse issues
  • Marginalised and disadvantaged people with multiple and/or complex needs
  • Adults and young people with housing or accommodation issues.

Our Vision

Providing best practice and innovative support and services to the homeless and most disadvantaged people in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Working together we ...

  • Create opportunity
  • Alleviate distress
  • Enhance connectedness
  • Fight structural, social inequality
  • Recognise the intrinsic worth of all individuals in our society

Our Values

In achieving its Vision, EastCare is an organization which embraces ...

  • A recognition of the diversity and intrinsic worth of individuals, be they our service users, stakeholders or staff, our work practices are collaborative and empowering.
  • A recognition of the structural social inequalities in our society. We aim to alleviate inequalities and/or their negative impact on our service users.
  • Service delivery that is people focused, well planned and responsive, effective and efficient.
  • A vibrant environment providing job satisfaction, where workers are valued and their skills, talents and responsibilities are developed.
  • A culture of pride in the organisation’s achievements and innovations, on-going encouragement to develop initiatives and promote learning which will enhance the dynamic nature and creativity of services
  • The promotions of quality and excellence in service delivery and effectiveness, which will be demonstrated through the development and application of quality best practice models, service standards, and accountability
  • The provision of leadership and ethical professional practice in accordance with the principles of Social Justice
  • A commitment to the Mission Values of The Salvation Army; Human Dignity, Justice, Hope, Compassion and Community.