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About Us


The Salvation Army Crisis Services Programs are committed to assisting people in need within our community. The programs provide practical assistance, crisis support and a confidential response to people in crisis.

The Crisis Services Programs respond to individuals and families who have difficulty gaining access to mainstream community services and maintain a commitment to providing crisis and transitional support that is accepting and responsive.

We are committed to positive outcomes in the following key areas -

  • Provision of practical and reponsive services
  • Transparent and accountable program delivery
  • Developing strong and active community partnerships
  • Advocating for an equitable and just society

The Salvation Army Crisis Services are jointly funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services, the Commonwealth Department of Health & Family Services and through the generous support of public donations made through both the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and through the programs directly.

The Salvation Army Crisis Services also acknowledges the support of the many other community organisations who provide ongoing assistance through our partnership programs.

For further information please feel free to write, call in or telephone our service programs at any time.

Crisis Services Location Map