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Homeless Support


The Salvation Army offers a support program which assists people experiencing hopelessness to re-establish themselves in stable, affordable accommodation within the community.

People seeking assistance are offered more than just a place to stay or live. Each person or family is provided a confidential interview that identifies the types of assistance that is helpful.


The interview also provides an opportunity to understand in more detail the operation of the support program being offerred.


  • Crisis Support
    Assessment of need
    Emergency Accommodation
    Referral to other support services
  • Transitional Accommodation
    Limited tenure housing
    Tenancy skill development
    Rebuilding living skills
    Assistance to find long term housing
    Assistance to set up and maintain a home
  • Tenancy Intervention Support
    Assistance to avoid eviction
    Tenancy skill development
    Assistance to set up and maintain a home

People do not have to be housed in our transitional housing in order to receive support.
Support is prioritised to people who are identified as being in greatest need.

A panel of people consider the needs of each person seeking support and decide who is in greatest need and therefore will most benefit from participation in the program.

Once an individual or family is offerred support they will be assisted by their allocated support person to identify the goals they would like to achieve whilst in the program. These goals are documented in a plan and determine the support that will be provided.

The following housing options are considered for people seeking support:

  • PUBLIC HOUSING (Housing SA Properties)
  • TRANSITIONAL HOUSING (Salvation Army allocated properties)

Transitional housing is generally offerred to people who have no other housing options and require assistance to build a good rental history.

Transitional housing is limited tenure (not permanent) accommodation and generally offerred for between 3 and 12 months. While in this transitional housing tenants are required to work towards a more permanent housing option... (Private Rental, Community Housing or Public Housing).

A requirement of receiving transitional housing is a willingness to meet regularly with the allocated support person.