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Brunswick Corps and Community Programmes


Brunswick CorpsWelcome to the web site of the Salvation Army in Brunswick.

Here you can find information about our church and community programme and other meetings, groups and services that are associated with us.
We believe that the experience of active participation and positive contribution to the community has inherent value, apart from the obvious benefits to others.

We encourage people to build upon the strengths that diversity brings, acknowledging the parts which others play and bringing forth their own valued contributions.
All of our services rely on the co-operation and input of a range of people who work together with the hope of building a better world.

If you would like to join us in this mission, we’d love to hear from you.

Brunswick Corps

Brunswick featured on the ABC

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More about Brunswick Corps and History

In April 2008 the ABC's Compass television program highlighted the important services provided to the community through the Brunswick Corps, as well as paying tribute to the historical significance of the 2/22 Battalion Band and the bandmaster Arthur Gullidge.

Nearly all of the 2/22 Battalion Regimental Band was a Salvation Army bandsman, including 7 from the Brunswick Corps.

These men were deployed to New Britain in 1941 and only one band member survived.

Sadly, many bandsmen, including the bandmaster, were listed as being prisoners of war on board the Montevideo Maru when it was sunk on 1 July 1941.

As well as acknowledging the strong historical heritage of The Salvation Army Brunswick, Compass also recognised the significant impact this Corps has on the surrounding community in present day.

Here services like the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Counselling Services, Community Support Services, a Recreation Programme for people with limited opportunities, the Creative Opportunities supported employment program and a Youth Programme continue to provide a high level of support and care to disadvantaged and marginalised members of our community throughout the year.