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About Us

City Salvos Adelaide believe in the growth of community through relationships, shared experiences and faith. With this always in mind our ministries, including Do Unto Others and the Adelaide Community Support Service, centre on creating opportunities to develop this. Our approach is responsive and flexible, aiming to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of families and individuals as they present.  We invite all to come and experience community as we know it – inclusive, supportive and loving.

City Salvos Church is a vibrant and progressive church community based in the heart of the city of Adelaide. As a Christian church, our community of faith is made-up of both uniformed and non-uniformed members, the young, old and in-between, from a range of backgrounds and lifestyles all united by a love of God and passion for this City. Through this love and passion we undertake a range of activities and provide services aimed at making a practical and meaningful difference to the lives of others. Our hope is that all may come to know Jesus and experience his life-transforming power, grace and love.

We love this City!  

We are delighted to welcome you to City Salvos Church Adelaide and look forward to seeing you at either of our worship services or during the week

Saturday 7:00pm – Do Unto Others Church Worship Service
Sunday 10:00am – Family Worship with City Kids Church