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Catherine Booth College


Our Mission

Catherine Booth College supports our territory's mission of transforming lives, caring for people, making disciples, and reforming society by providing integrated and coordinated learning, training and development services. It attends to the learning needs of volunteers, employees, soldiers, officers, cadets and community members.

Our Vision 

To see people more effective in mission, and increasingly fulfilled, through active engagement in relevant, high-quality learning and development opportunities.

Our Governance and Organisation

 The college is organised into three schools and one department:

The School for Officer Training led by the Training Principal:

  • Facilitates the formation of Salvation Army Officers as Christlike leaders, adaptable and in tune with the 21st century, who know God, know themselves and know their mission.
  • Provides the compulsory learning programs for candidates and auxilliary lieutenants.
  • Supports the development of newly commissioned officers.

The School for Christian Studies led by the Director:

  • Provides accredited theological studies as a college of the University of Divinity;
  • Provides part of the cadet learning requirements;
  • Is open to all officers, employees and soldiers as well as the community at large.

The School for Learning and Development led by the Director:

  • Actively identifies ongoing learning needs of our personnel (except in the focus area of the other two schools);  
  • Directly provides learning experiences in priority areas;
  • Works to enhance the widespread training and development activities of other Salvation Army departments and centres.